Jampacked with 360+ pages of life-changing information 

You will never be the same!!! Mighty in Spirit:
Demonstrates the joy of living a life of “total dedication” to Jesus Christ.
Demonstrates the reality of God through miracle answers to prayer.
Demonstrates that the Bible is true and that God’s ways are superior to man’s way.      
Demonstrates how applying God’s principles to our lives brings supernatural results.
Demonstrates the excitement of following God’s plan for our lives.
Demonstrates the supernatural love of God which is the true mark of every disciple of Jesus Christ.
Demonstrates the focus of Spiritual Champions: prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare, praise, worship, plus many more!
If you do NOT know THE ANSWERS to all of the above, you will not want to miss... “Knowing God’s Voice.”
Are these your words?

“Yes... it’s true, I am thirsting and longing for more of God to be manifested in my life. I am not satisfied with being just a pew warmer or a church member, not when my soul is crying out to know the Lord in a more intimate way.”

If this is the way you feel... then reading Mighty in Spirit is your next step.

Mighty in Spirit is especially for those in the Body of Christ who are desiring:

An acceleration in their spiritual growth.

The Lord to do a greater work “in” them, so He can do a greater work  “through” them.

To fall more in love with the Giver of the gifts rather than the gifts.

To reach out to others who do not know the Lord and tell them the “Good News,” so they can be saved and become a    member of God’s Kingdom.

Is God calling you to make a difference in a hurting world? Are you prepared and ready to respond to that tug on your heart. Do you know how to recognize the signs along the way? Do you desire more than what you are currently receiving? Do you desire to have your day-to-day life governed by God?

If so, Mighty in Spirit stands ready to assist you in finding these answers, and more, all of which are found in the Word of God.

Brother Ford has a vision of a great host of men and women being raised up to spread the  Word of the Lord among all nations. These will be dedicated men and women who will display to those around them, the radiant joy and incredible difference Jesus Christ is making in their lives when they are totally dedicated to Him.

Mighty in Spirit opens the door of understanding for all who are earnestly seeking to know the Word, as well as the Author, in greater depth.

Mighty in Spirit is practical ansd relevant to your everyday life.  

In the various nations in which Brother Ford has traveled and taught, we found those who were spiritually hungry and ready to walk in the truth of God’s Word would do so, if only they could somehow understand how to apply it to their lives.

Brother Ford believes that deep in the hearts of multitudes of believers all over the world, there is an intense longing to give themselves fully to God. They desire to experience His beautiful presence and miraculous power. But, in too many instances, they have never seen any evidence of Christ in those professing to be following Him, nor can they find a church that can teach them how to apply God’s truths in their lives so they can experience His presence and life-changing power.

We believe there are many around the world who want to believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a reality. They desperately want to see some kind of evidence that Jesus is whom He claims to be and that He can make a difference in their lives if they will only forsake all and follow Him. Yes, the world is waiting for someone to show them how real God can be in their lives if they are wholly given to Him. This can be you!

We are so glad there is a magnificent alternative to being a mediocre, lukewarm, nominal Christian. Do you know what it is? It’s being a Christian who is fully surrendred to Jesus Christ. Those of you who will completely surrender to this exciting experience will know what it is like to become... Mighty in Spirit.

Interested? Then take THE NEXT STEP now... order your copy of Mighty in Spirit.


Message from J. David Ford    .    .  13
Chapter 1    Total Dedication    .    .  19
Chapter 2    Total Dedication - Part II .     .  43
        The Heart of Champions    
Chapter 3    Total Dedication - Part III .    .  83
        The Heart of Champions.         
Chapter 4    Redeeming the Time .    . 109    
        The Priorities of Champions    
Chapter 5    God’s Word  .    . 137 
The Manual of Champions                
Chapter 6    Prayer  .    .  169
        The Power of Champions    
Chapter 7    Fasting  .   . 199
        The Restoration of Champions    
Chapter 8    Powerful Companions  .   .  231
        The Companions of Champions
Chapter 9    Spiritual Warfare .   .  265
        The Contest of Champions    
Chapter 10    Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship .   .  309
        The Focus of Champions        
        Introducing the Fords  .    .  351             
Acknowledgments .    .  354             
More Than Conquerors School of Theology .   .  355             
Induction 101 - God’s Special Forces  .  .  356