used the teaching of the His Word to change many lives around the world.

We are now rejoicing because the many messages we have taught over the years in churches and in pastors' conferences around the world, are finally available in a book format.

This is just the beginning!  We plan to continue releasing jam-packed, unadulterated, life-changing, uncompromising, Power Books, as quickly as the Lord makes it possible. 

Whatever you do... don't miss a single one! ​​ These Power Books are filled  with "spiritual truths" that are guaranteed to revolutionize your walk with the Lord!

Power Books are being made available especially for for those chosen vessels who desire a closer, deeper, walk with our Lord.

​To it all we say, "to God be the glory"!!!
Due to the lateness of the hour we are living in, as well as the neccessity for the Bride of Christ to quickly make herself ready for His soon glorious appearing,  I, plan to release as many Power Books  as quickly as I can.   

We praise the Lord for how in the past, He has