Before a new “credit card,” “cell phone,” or “software program” is of any value to us, it must be “activated.” What do we mean when we say, we “activated” something?

Here are some interesting definitions of the word “activate:” 1)  To set in motion; make active or more active, 2) to put into existence by official order so that it can be organized to function in its assigned capacity, 3) a substance that makes another substance active  4) to accelerate a reaction in, as by heat, 5) to prepare for active service that which has been inactive, 6) switch on, turn on, start (up), set going and to energize. 

Are our churches in need of  a spiritual “activation”? Is it possible Christ has made a spiritual deposit within Christians that is not being “activated”?

Is it past time to seek the Lord until the Church is... set in motion... becomes more active... begins to function in its assigned capacity... capable of exerting its proper effect... becomes accelerated as by heat that prepares the Church to leave inactive service and become active. Is it time for our churches to get switched on, turned on, started up, get going and energized for our Lord Jesus Christ?


Are there many attending our churches today who are in need of a “spiritual activation” of God’s power?   
Too often, people in our churches are living “defeated lives.”

It is evident that a change is needed... when many attending our churches are hooked on internet pornography (as well as other harmful addictions)... when the divorce rate of “Christian” marriages is “skyrocketing,”  (even reported higher than “secular” marriages)...  when our members are struggling with depression... when we have lost much of the younger generation who have grown up in our churches... when many think they have need of nothing, yet they leave our services languishing in spiritual poverty and squalor...   then it should be evident that we MUST have a change!!!

Remember how the Beverly Hillbillies were living in poverty - completely unaware that hidden just beneath where they were living, was something that would completely change their lives? What was it? Oil!

What a change it brought! Overnight, the Beverly Hillbillies went from rags to riches...  from a shack in the country to a mansion in Beverly Hills.

What do we have in common with the Beverly Hillbillies? A lot!

Too many of God’s children are living like “spiritual paupers,” when Christ has deposited such vast and unlimited spiritual resources within each one of us. He has given us ALL we need to live in untold “spiritual wealth.” But IT is all to no avail... if we do not tap into it!

Are we praying “over and over” for the healing of our bodies, only to finally settle for the Lord to guide the surgeon’s knife?
If we do not have “the faith” to believe for a miracle, how can we have the faith “to believe” for divine intervention concerning the movement of “a knife”? Why don’t we just “bypass” the surgeon (and his knife) and “let God be God” and “His Word” be true” by “activating” His  miracle healing power?

Just having “church as usual” is NOT the answer. It is unwise to continue doing the same things... hoping we will somehow experience different results. IT will not happen!

I believe many of our churches in the U.S., are experiencing a “spiritual cardiac arrest”!

What happens when we have a “cardiac arrest” in the natural?

1) Because of the failure of the heart, the blood ceases to circulation.
2) When the circulation of blood stops, oxygen is no longer being delivery to all parts of the body.
3) When the brain is no longer receiving oxygen, the victim loses consciousness.
4) Normal breathing stops, although shallow breathing may still occur.
5) If the victim is not treated within five minutes, brain injury is likely.

If a church has experienced a “spiritual cardiac arrest,” then we will find:
1) The normal circulation of souls being saved is stopped.
2) Members of that body will have lost their zeal for winning souls.
3) Lack of God’s Spirit working in the services will cause the members to “lose spiritual consciousness” about what is “right and what is “wrong.”
4) Normal operating of the “gifts of the Spirit” will be halted although there may be sporadic manifestations.
5) If that church continues in this condition for too long, it will be cut off from “the head - the brain - Christ Jesus. When this happens, all power of “spiritual reasoning” and “spiritual saneness” will cease.

Is the church experiencing a “spiritual cardiac arrest”? Then what are we do? The same thing that is done in the natural.
If the victim is to survive, “an immediate response” to the problem is “imperative”!

In the natural and spiritual alike, if this condition is treated early enough, it is reversible!

The primary first-aid treatment for cardiac arrest is CPR, until more support becomes available.

I believe many wonderful pastors are performing CPR on their congregations each week trying to keep them alive... not realizing that what is needed is “defibrillation”!

That’s right! As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. We need to be “jump started,” by the “two paddles” of the “power of the Word and the “power of the Spirit.”

Just like we “jump start” a car that has a weak or dead battery, I believe  “the church” needs a spiritual “jump start.”
Too often, we have been guilty of “quenching” the Spirit. There are rivers of “living water” within us just waiting to flow. Before it’s too late, we must ACTIVATE the SPIRITUAL RESOURCES within us!  We must be obedient to God’s Word and “stir up” the “spiritual gifts” that have been lying “dormant” far too long!

I believe the Lord has laid on my heart... THE PLAN and THE MESSAGES that will “jump start,” “unlock” and “activate” a spiritual RENEWAL in the Church.

Activating the Power of God is the result of my 40+ years of ministry in a host of countries. After training literally thousands of ministers and toiling diligently on foreign soil, I believe I have “struck oil.”

The Lord willing, I will go to as many churches as possible and “deposit” in THE SAINTS what God has placed on my heart and in my spirit. I believe there are six steps to activating God's power in our lives.

These steps include six “spiritual principles” or “spiritual laws” that I believe, when ACTIVATED and UNLEASHED... WILL RELEASE the power of God in our midst!

These SIX STEPS are:







That’s it! It’s really that simple! I believe all the Church needs to do to  EXPERIENCE God’s power in our lives... is to follow God’s plan for a SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION!

Just as we must follow “the directions” to activate a credit card... so must we follow the instructions of our CREATOR in “stirring up” the gifts that are within us. When we follow God’s directions, it always produces phenomenal results!

The Need . .  5 
Chapter 1
Step 1 - Activating the Power of Repentance .  . . 19

Chapter 2
Step 2 - Activating the Power of A Renewed Mind . . .  41

Chapter 3
Step 3 - Activating the Power of Faith . . . 61

Chapter 4
Step 4 - Activating the Power of Integrity . . . 81

Chapter 5
Step 5 - Activating the Power of Submission .  .  . 103

Chapter 6
Step 6 - Activating the Power of the Word .  .  .125

Chapter 7
Step 7 - Activating the Power of Reciprocation .  .  . 147

Chapter 8
Step 8 - Activating the Power of Miracles and Healing .  .  .  169

Step 9 - Stepping Out of the Natural into the Supernatural .  .  .  190

??? .   .   .   235 

The Dream . . . . 236